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Analytical Services

Take a virtual look over our shoulder! 

You know your samples better than anybody, and your guidance can greatly speed up and assist the analysis. Now you can send us your samples from anywhere in the world, schedule a convenient analysis time with us, and then follow along virtually as we explore your samples. 


We have a Hitachi 4700 scanning electron microscope (SEM) with an IXRF Systems EDS -
Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy attachment. Our engineers have decades of experience operating SEM/EDS systems and analyzing a variety of samples. Sample preparation is critical and an area of real strength for us. We offer FIB - focused ion beam milling services as well as potting of devices and cross-sections/polishing and we have extensive experience handling and preparing delicate MEMS structures. Let us assist you in solving your technical challenges by providing clear, high information content SEM images and accurate EDS composition data.

Optical Profilometry

We have a Wyko NT3300 optical profilometer. Our tools are located in a clean room environment, resulting in minimal contamination of your samples during analysis. We have extensive experience using profilometry to analyze semiconductor and MEMS devices. Our tool also has the non-standard capability of being able to measure device profiles through clear glass packaging. 

We also have a Lyncee Tec Reflection DHM profilometer. Digital Holographic Microscopy
is more than a standard optical profilometer as it enables dynamic measurement within vertical ranges from nanometers to hundreds of microns with sub-nanometric vertical resolution.
DHM offers solutions for static and dynamic 3D characterization in material science and life science applications.

Thermal Imaging

We have a FLIR A325sc IR camera for thermal imaging. Let us help you measure the baseline thermal images of your devices and to assist in your failure analysis by identifying locations with abnormal thermal behavior.

Film Thickness Measurement

We have a Filmetrics F20 spectral reflectance system for non-contact measurement of film thickness and index of refraction. The instrument is capable of measuring film thickness in the range of 15 nm - 70 um. The instrument is located in a clean room environment to minimize the contamination risk of your samples.

Optical Microscopy

We have stereo and optical microscopes with a wide range of magnifications, and extensive experience using optical inspection to analyze semiconductor and MEMS devices. Our microscopes have lenses capable of inspection at high magnification through clear glass packaging. We can carry out the optical inspection of your devices in a clean-room environment.

Vibration Measurements

We have a Polytec Vibrometer. The Polytec CLV-2534 Compact Laser Vibrometer makes
measurement of vibration velocity and displacement up to 3.2 MHz and 10 m/s. Our tool is ideal for both for R&D work on microstructures and industrial applications on large objects.