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Consulting Services

MEMS Testing

We have decades of experience testing a wide variety of MEMS devices, including microfluidic devices. Our laboratory is equipped with numerous power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes, pressure driven fluid pumps, gas mass flow controllers, data acquisition hardware and software, and a variety of meters, all ready to apply to testing your device. Contact us to learn how you can work with us to rapidly and efficiently expand your MEMS testing capabilities. 

Process Integration

Our engineers have extensive experience in process development and integration of MEMS devices. If you are facing tough process development and integration challenges that are delaying your alpha or beta product demonstration, let us use our experience to evaluate your process and to help you develop creative yet practical solutions to your process integration challenges.

Failure Analysis

Our team has deep roots in failure analysis and a broad set of tools to apply to the failure analysis process. Many of our instruments can be used to examine your devices while operating/powered up in our laboratory. Let us quickly and accurately identify both your failure modes and the underlying root causes.

Yield Improvement

Tap into our team's yield improvement expertise in semiconductor and MEMS processes. We can help you improve your yields during all stages of research, development, and manufacturing. We will analyze your processes, determine frequencies of the various failure modes, prioritize your yield improvement projects and generate ideas for yield enhancement measures. 

Project Management

We have managed a variety of projects spanning research, development and manufacturing, with budgets ranging from 100's of thousands of dollars to multiple millions of dollars. We can help you evaluate your plans, prioritize your projects, manage risk, match resources to tasks, and develop realistic timelines.