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Microlabs Scientific is proud to announce a partnership with Arradiance, a leader in ALD equipment development and foundry services

Arradiance (Sudbury, MA) team leverages process and equipment technologies forged in the most challenging ALD Nanofilm environment. Arradiance experts offer Customers access to multi-functional nanofilms from the research and development stage through full scale production. Representative supported markets include Solar, Energy Storage, Medical Devices, High Energy Physics, Astronomy, Homeland Security, Semiconductor Research, Catalysis, Superconductors, and Genetic Sequencing. In partnership with Arradiance, MicroLabs Scientific will provide their Customers with state of the art characterization and analytical services. MicroLabs Scientific analytical capabilities include: SEM, EDS, FIB, Optical Profilometry, Thermal Imaging, Film Thickness Measurements, Failure Analysis and Optical Microscopy services. Together, Arradiance and MicroLabs Scientific will provide their Customers with a seamless, efficient and high value added thin film development, deposition and characterization experience.

For more information on ALD equipment and foundry services, please: Contact Arradiance

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